Start Up Program

Exclusive Start Up Program – Increases Profitability and Improves Productivity

Yes we are in the business of remanufacturing compressors; however, our main concern is helping you to prevent failures. We all know too well that compressor failures are very costly for everyone involved, even under warranty, the hidden costs can add up quickly.

Unfortunately, few remanufacturers provide the tools necessary to help prevent failures. Attached to each and every compressor that leaves G&S Hermetique is one of the most important and useful tools available to reduce failure rates; the EXCLUSIVE Start-Up Report.

When G&S first introduced the Start-Up Program in 1993, the idea was met with a lot of resistance. Some saw it the way it was intended, as a tool. A few saw it as a sales tool; most however saw it as a hassle and just more paperwork.

The process can be compared to a pilot’s pre-flight checklist. Commercial pilots take off and land every day year after year, still they go over their list prior to each and every flight, why is that, because “to err is human”.

There is a simple equation to reducing failure rates: Correct + Complete + Comply = Cool. Here’s how it works.

  • Correct: accurately diagnose and correct causes of original failure.
  • Complete: accurately record information requested on the Start-Up Report and return it to G&S ASAP.
  • Comply: we review report, if we notice something problematic; we will get in touch with recommended course of action.
  • The result is your customer is back on line and more importantly, stays online, everyone’s Cool.

As your return rates get lower, your profitability will increase. This happens by avoiding the many hidden costs associated with MULTIPLE replacements of the SAME compressor, some monetary and some non-monetary. Here are a few examples: labor cost for time spent replacing compressor; travel time to and from job site; fuel cost to and from job site; shipping core and replacement; crane and rigging for removal of old compressor and installation of the new replacement, and we can’t forget about the time needed to manage customer frustration.

When a compressor fails soon after installation, it’s a no win situation for you, the customer, and your supplier. If you were in your customer’s shoes, you too would seek a second opinion; needless to say the competitor will not speak very highly of your company. In addition to losing money on that job, you may lose the customer as well.

Since the inception on the Start-Up program, we regularly evaluate its effectiveness. Contractors who have complied with the program have seen a marked decrease in repeat failure rates.

On average, of the compressors that fail within 30 days of replacement, 73% do not have a completed start up report. The figures truly speak for themselves.

The Start-Up Report can be used at any time as a diagnostic, sales, or service tool; it’s not only for new start-ups. Use it when starting up in the spring for performance comparison/evaluation. If you suspect a system problem, complete a report and send it to us for review/second opinion. If you have a customer that is reluctant to make necessary system changes that affect the compressor, send us a completed report. We’ll be happy to send you our recommendations with supporting documentation to help you get the necessary changes approved.

Yes we are in the business of remanufacturing compressors; however, our main concern is helping you prevent failures. Let’s get the techs in the habit of completing and using the Start-Up Reports. You’ll see an increase in profitability and improved productivity.


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