3 Years Standard Warranty


This warranty extends from G S Hermetique Inc. to the original purchaser for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase and covers the compressor in its original installation only. All compressors sold by G S Hermetique Inc. are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and in materials installed by G S Hermetique Inc. No warranty consideration will be given on any claim unless the original purchaser’s account is current.

G S’s liability on any claim for loss or damage arising out of the sale, resale, or use of any of its products shall in no event exceed the selling price of the product which gives rise to the claim. No liability is assumed or will be paid by G S Hermetique for system damage, labor, down time, merchandise or tenant loss. In no event shall G S be liable for consequential or special damage.


  1. Diagnose precisely the actual cause of the failure.
  2. Replace the faulty component which contributed to the failure prior to the start up of the replacement compressor.
  3. Make the end user aware of the consequences if he refuses to go along with your recommendations.
  4. Make sure that the start up report is strictly adhered to, properly and entirely filled in and promptly returned to G S.
  5. Make available, upon request by G S, all pertinent signed documentation relative to the compressor’s replacement, such as work orders and bill of materials..

This warranty does not cover the following

  1. Labor, material, rigging, travel expenses to and from job site required for the replacement of the compressor, regardless if it is the original replacement or subsequent replacement.
  2. Failure or damages resulting from the following... Improper cleaning or failure to clean the system in which the replacement compressor is installed. Improper electrical supply to the replacement compressor. Faulty controls such as pressure, electrical and refrigerant. Hydraulic slugging. Foreign material, contaminant or copper plating, use of improper oil. Moisture or water in the compressor. Excessive operating temperatures.
  3. When a claim is filed for a damaged compressor and it is found that the said compressor has either a broken or cracked crankshaft or a broken casting or a combination of the two, in addition of being excluded from the warranty, it will be subject to a replacement core charge. The cost for such a replacement will be the wholesale value at the time of the acquisition.
  4. A claim which is filed for a damaged compressor, if it is established that the start up report has not been properly completed and returned to G S, will be treated as an out of warranty product.


Compressors that fail during warranty period must be returned freight prepaid (unless other arrangements were agreed upon) to G S Hermetique Inc. - 1700 Guillet - Laval - Quebec H7L 5B2, for warranty consideration. A compressor which is returned and has a broken crankshaft or broken housing or any of the two is not and will not be covered by G S’s limited warranty.

If upon inspection by our personnel, the failed compressor is determined to have failed due to reasons which fall within the limits of this warranty, G S will, at our discretion, repair the compressor as quickly as possible during normal working hours or replace the compressor with a like model. The subsequent replacement will be shipped to the customer freight collect. The warranty period for the replacement compressor is limited to the balance of time remaining on the warranty of the original purchase.

If upon inspection by our personnel, the failed compressor is determined to have failed due to reasons which fall outside the limits of this warranty, the purchaser is liable for all costs incurred by G S in the event a replacement was provided in advance, or, all costs incurred by G S Hermetique to remanufacture and return a replacement compressor.

Complete Compressor Teardown Inspection, Compressor Failure Analysis, and Warranty Claim Resolution reports will be provided to the purchaser in response to a warranty claim upon request.

*Some models and/or applications excluded.

4.2001C,Rev.1, March 98 No other warranty is expressed or implied.