GEA SH Type...

GEA SH Type...

GEA SH Open Drive Screw Compressor

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Series: SH Type D
Model SM-Small Open Drive Screw Compressor

CFM@1750 rpm 188@3550RPM

The GEA SH series has a completely integrated oil management system with only one oil connection. The compressors are equipped with connections for monitoring pressure and temperature, position displays on the control screen, and controlling its integrated solenoid valve assembly for combined Vi and capacity adjustment. The parallel slide system allows for Vi optimization and part load adaption to take place simultaneously and independently of one another. It means that even in part load operations a low-loss work process is possible for the screw compressor.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • The GEA SH series comes in four sizes.
  • Swept volume ranges from 231 to 372 m3/h.
  • Capacity and Vi control by parallel slide system.
  • Integrated Oil Management System.

We understand that commercial and industrial operations can vary significantly depending on the application. The G&S team is ready to assist you select the right compressor for your specific application.

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